Welcome to an Overview of UIM Advent Christmas Worship

“In Reverence Experience
God’s Holiness”

Sadly, today, while many are obsessed with the end of the world, few are prepared for Christ to come again.  This UIM Worship Series prepares hearts and lives for Christ’s coming to earth as a Babe in Bethlehem and His coming again in glory by helping those who attend to reverently experience God’s holiness. As sinful human beings we cannot be holy like God. Yet, God calls us to be holy, as He is holy, and He makes our holiness possible through the coming of His Son, who died and rose again to forgive all of our sins.  It is through Christ’s forgiveness that we and all believers are able to live in  righteousness and purity, filled with God’s compassion and mercy, the four themes of Advent Worship in this Series. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day climax the experience of God’s holiness through the sacred celebration of His birth, and New Year’s Worship sends all who attend off clothed in Christ until He comes again. All who come and reverently experience God’s holiness will find themselves spiritually and beautifully prepared for "Holding God and all He has Created Sacred," the theme of this UIM year!

Experience God’s Holiness this Christmas

and until Christ comes again!

Included in this Series:
    ●    Publicity   
    ●    Worship Leader Guides for:
            -    Four Advent Worship Services
            -    UIM Christmas Program (or use for Christmas Eve Worship)
            -     Christmas Day  Worship
            -    New Years Worship
       ●    Copy-ready Bulletins (can also be tailored to your needs)
       ●    Advent Meditations
       ●    PLUS!  The Monthly UIM Newsletter Articles + Bulletin Inserts that support the 2018-19 UIM Year

This Advent and Christmas

Experience God’s Holiness Through His:

Week 1: Righteousness: “A Righteous Branch from David’s  Line” Help generations to reverently ex perience God’s holiness by seeking God’s holiness that produces great joy through the righteous Branch that sprouts from David’s line - Jesus our Savior.

Week 2:    Purity: “Who Can Stand?” Help generations to  reverently experience God’s holiness through repentance and forgiveness that comes from Christ who alone has made it possible for believers to stand pure.
Week 3:     Compassion: Let Your Gentleness Be Evident. Help generations to reverently experience God’s holiness through their understanding and sharing of Christ’s gentleness and compassion until He comes again.
Week 4:     Mercy:“All God Has Done For Me.” Help generations to in reverence experience God’s holiness by understanding the extent of His mercy, the great things He has done for all generations.

Take God’s Holiness with you through:

Christmas Eve Program/Worship:“O Sacred Holy Night”.  It is a  journey through Scripture passages and Hymns that those who attend can use and share with others to help prepare hearts and lives to reverently experience God’s holiness this Christmas and every day of their lives.

Christmas Day Worship: “O Blessed Holy Morn”:  A compilation of Hymns and Scripture that bless the morning Christ was born!  Those who attend will in reverence experience God’s holiness through gaining an understanding of the  fullness of God’s grace from which we receive one blessing after another.

New Years Worship: “Clothed with Christ”: Help generations to cloth themselves with Christ so that they can be like Him and bring more people to Him for faith and salvation throughout all the years of their lives.

 Come!  One Blessing After Another Awaits You!


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