Welcome to an Overview of Our UIM Lenten Easter Worship Series

"State of the Cross"

Come Along on a Reverent and Holy Journey
to the Foot of the Cross where Christ’s crown of thorns becomes our " CROWN OF GLORY!"

For the six weeks of Lent and continuing through Holy Week and Easter, the “state of the cross” will be revealed as generations are  taken on a journey to the foot of the cross of Christ, a journey that reveals a different state of the cross with each step.

Week One: Ash Wednesday: Repentance and restoration

Week Two:  Rest for the Heavy Laden

Week Three:  Hope of Salvation

Week Four:  Humilty

Week Five:  Transformation

Week Six:  Forgiveness

Palm Sunday:  Hosanna

Maundy Thursday:  Preparation

Good Friday: Pain and Bitter Death

Easter Sunrise: Everylasting Victory

Easter Celebration:  The Crown of Glory.

One of the most wonderful things about UIM Worship is that it can be presented as an entirely traditional worship service by pastors or lay leaders. Simply choose to leave out or use instructions that combine and meet the worship needs of all generations. UIM or traditional both work to grow God’s church because God is at work; it is the message of God’s Word that  remains  in each UIM service that  grows congregations in faith  that reaches out to draw people in numbers. 

If you desire to us them in worship, UIM  methods reunite generations. They reach out and draw in all ages, especially children, but also those with hearing or vision or other challenges causing some to participate for the first time in  a long time and others for the first time ever!  The participation that UIM  invites draws those who enjoy it, while at the same time, the traditional liturgy, hymns, and God’s unchanging word keep those who enjoy these coming.  An understanding that both participatory and traditional  worship styles are needed and beautifully combined in UIM Worship to grow God’s church can happen by 1) sharing the critical need to grow God’s church because so many congregations are closing, 2)encouraging generations to put on the mind of Christ who places the needs of others above His own and counts it better to give than to receive, and 3) offering the assurance that as we place the needs of others above our own  like Christ all our  needs will be met through Christ. 

Here’s how this UIM Lenten Easter Worship Series  supports the UIM Theme for this year:

"Bringing God’s Order to Generations of Chaos"

Christ’s crucifixion happened according to God’s plan and time, and in His perfect order.  His resurrection crushed sin that can lead to chaos with  peace only Christ can give, peace that intensifies in faith and lives through the study of God’s order in His Word.

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Each UIM  Worship Service in this Series Includes:

                   Opening Hymn and Lighting of the Candle Cross
                Invocation and Psalm
                Old and New Testament Readings
                Drama (can be read responsively) and Gospel Reading
                Creed and Confession and Absolution
                Sermon Hymn and Sermon
                Offering and Prayers
                (Communion Option)
                UIM Lenten Easter Theme Hymn
                Closing Hymn

This UIM Worship Series Includes:

•   An Introduction to  this UIM Worship Series.

•    An Outline of all Scripture, Hymns, Sermon Title and Text for each service in this Series.

•    A UIM Worship Leader’s Guide for each service.

•  A UIM Theme Hymn: “To The Cross of Christ I Journey” that offers verses applicable to each service to lead the way from Ash Wednesday through Lent  and all the way to Christ’s crucifixion and glorious resurrection.

•  The Lighting  of a Candle Cross that you can make with wood and candles according to instructions give in the Leader’s Guide.

•    A copy-ready worship bulletin for each service  that can also be tailored to your specific needs.

•   Copy-ready  Devotions for Lent that travel all the way through Easter.

•   EVEN a craft for each service!