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What People Are Saying About UIM Today

"UIM (United Intergenerational Ministry) has been around for over 20 years. Today it has become a ready tool," says Dr. John W. Oberdeck, Professor of Theology, Director for Lay Ministry,Coordinator for Lay Studies, Concordia University Wisconsin." UIM was ahead of its time. I say this because today the literature in family ministry and youth ministry is all over the topic of intergenerational ministry. Personal experience and the research of experts have come to the same conclusion - age segregated efforts, while well-meaning, have not helped the church. Our task now is to rebuild the bridges between generations, and UIM is a ready tool at our disposal."

One Pastor of a dual parish recently wrote:
Our congregations have found UIM resources to be an effective and holistic way to reach all generations of our parish with God’s Word. Not only have we found this to be a wonderful resource to use with our Sunday School and VBS programs, but we have also used their material for our worship services and adult Bible studies as well. May God continue to bless their creative offerings to help spread His Word! Rev. Dr. Cal Siegel, Bethlehem / Zion Lutheran Parish,Fall Creek, WI.


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United Intergenerational Ministry SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSONS

  • With a small congregation of about 130 baptized members we struggled to find a Sunday School curriculumn to fit our needs. After trying numerous other Sunday School materials I turned to Family Crossfires United Intergenerational Ministry Sunday School material two years ago. The lessons are great, beginning with an opening song, continuing with activites that include all age groups and Bible stories that are always presented in a different way. The crafts are easily made with matierals that are readily available. All of these activities reiterate the key concept of the lesson for the week. Our Sunday School has grown from seven to as may as twenty one and includes ages four to eighty two. It is great to see all ages come together to study God’s Word and learn of His great love for us.
    Marilyn Goers, SS Superintendent
    St. John Lutheran Church Hermansfort
    Shawano, WI


  • Your UIM SS materials are absolutely wonderful! Just what we need for our weekly intergenerational SS Class. Thank you also for making them affordable. We are not a wealthy congregation so it is wonderful to be able to offer this class, with quality materials. We also really appreciate the flexibility that is built into the lesson plans.
    Debbie Rank, Deaconess
    Lutheran Church of the Redeemer
    Elkhart, IN


  • We simply love our UIM SS. It is the perfect solution to our small Sunday school. It is a complete series that contains all I need from handouts to coloring pages, crafts, and songs. Children and adults both benefit from these simple ideas. I can give this to anyone to teach a class. So if the teacher has to be out of town I can hand this off to a parent to teach the next week lesson without it being to complicated. Also love the take home material for the families to work on during the week, so that the kids do not forget what they were taught on Sunday.Thanks so much for this material.
    Dana Mayhair, Secretary
    Christ the King LCMS
    Enterprise, AL


  • Adults do not often attend our UIM SS, although they are invited and we will keep on invitiing them. However, the students are enjoying the lessons and learning so much about God’s love and forgiveness, and about helping and caring for each other. If you ask any student, beginning with pre-school how they are saved, they will tell you, "By grace, through faith." It is wonderful to see this important teaching of faith and life being taught from little on, and intentionally so that it can be passed on for generations.
    Debbie Hoffman, SS Superintendent
    Zion Lutheran Church, Gresham, WI


  • "We like the special lessons, like the one for Epiphany. Most Sunday School programs
    just pass over the special times of the year with their regular lessons.
    Renell Wassman, Sunday School Superintendent, Trinity Lutheran Church, Athens, WI.

    UIM Summer Sunday School


  • We were pleased with the material we used for the intergenerational Summer Sunday School. For the fall,winter and spring quarters, we are back to individual classroom settings.
    S. Kersten, Shepherd of the Valley, Perrysburg, OH



  • "I started reading it and I couldn’t put it down."
    Debbie Hoffman, VBS Superintendent
    Zion Lutheran Church, Gresham, WI


  • Shepherd of the Hills, Lake Isabella, CA purchased the VBS material titled Pray, Praise, Forgive, and Give Thanks. I tweeked it since we have a mostly older congregation. We did it the four Thursdays early evenings in July and everyone was pleased. It got them out of the house, they had fellowship, they had singing, and they had Bible lessons and crafts. We were very pleased as they wanted it to continue and already asked about next year.
    Vickie Stacy


    Lively UIM Worship written for Sunday School reinforces each lesson. UIM Worship also ministers to and involves all ages (generations)
  • "Mom! This is just what we learned about in Sunday School today!"
    Eric Hoffman, Sunday School Student Attending UIM Worship
    Zion Lutheran Church, Gresham, WI


  • Pastor
    We would like to say thank you for the UIM Advent Services [Real Peace, Hope, Joy and Love]. It was wonderful that the congregationn was able to be an active part of the service, and there was something for all ages. We seemed as a family to understand the sermons better, too. We observed a unique quality in you that we have not seen before, by relaying the message to the people by speaking from your heart. These worship services would be suitable for any size of church and we pray others will benefit from it like we did.
    May there be Real Peace, Hope, Joy and Love in the years to come.
    Randy, Kim and Elizabeth Zastrow
    Zion Lutheran Church
    Gresham, WI

    Newsletter Articles and Inserts

    We enjoy beginning to use your material.
    Please send us the additional materials.
    Pastor Roger Pollock
    Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Elgin, IL


    "Right Choices in a Wrong World" is excellent! The information is "straight forward" and valuable. It’s easy to lead. Plus it’s reproducible and reusable. WAe cando it every year! I do recommend planning a Friday night/Saturday Retreat because it’s intense. We chose to do the covenanting suggested. It made our Retreat especially meaningful
    Jean Umland, Director of Education and Youth
    St.James Lutheran Church, Shawano, WI