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"Binding Generations Together In and Through God’s Love"

It has been discovered that the same faith and love from God that bind generations together are able to help revive congregations struggling to survive and threatening to close as well as reunite congregations divided by congregational conflict. This year is the first of six years of UIM Resources God has helped to create to grow His Church on earth.

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"Building God’s Love from

Generation to Generation"

Generations are becoming increasingly separated from God and from fellow Christians and, therefore, from the love and strength that comes from both, and which we all need to make it through the problems and tragedies sweeping our land and threatening our faith and lives.  That is why United Intergenerational Ministry or UIM is on a critical life and soul saving mission to bind together and build generations up in love for God and for one another this year. An amazing unveiling of God’s love takes place slowly as each of four UIM Sunday School series or quarters this year offer more of God’s love. The first series for Fall opens eyes and hearts to God’s love through the Rally Day story of Abraham’s sacrifice and Christ’s. Remaining lessons help to build contentment, trust, forgiveness and healing in generations through God’s love that generations can pass to build more of God’s love in every generation. Bible Stories about the faulty love of Jacob and the extraordinary love of Joseph move into the love God displayed at Moses’ birth and during the Exodus to save His people and lead them to the Promised Land. This series concludes with God directing our hearts to His love and the steadfastness of Christ that is able to keep us close to Him no matter what is happening in our lives to keep us from Him.  And because there are so many thing that can keep us from Him today, please come to be filled with God’s love and strength of faith in Christ to pass both on for generations.


Based On: Ephesians 4:16  From whom the whole body, joined and held together by every joint with which it is equipped, when each part is working properly, makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love and 1 Corinthians 16:13-14  Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.  These verses describe how God joins, holds together (binds), grows, and builds up generations in His love to be watchful, stand firm in faith, and be like strong men to  do the work He placed us on earth, which is share Christ and the love of God to build and grow His Church in and through His love.


AN EXTRA BLESSING - GROW GOD’S CHURCH! While UIM Resources can strengthen and bless every congregation, they have beautifully evolved into a six year Church Growth Program that assists congregations facing declining worship attendance and even threatening to close. Every UIM Resource has been created through God’s grace and guidance to help prepare the hearts and lives of generations to grow in faith that is able to grow congregations in numbers in God’s time. This growth is a spiritual journey and God is in control. He grows His  love in hearts that blossom into souls able and equipped to draw others to Him and to His Church. UIM Resources offer spiritual training to grow congregations in amazing ways only God can accomplish through His Word and Sacraments. UIM’s mission to reunite generations can also help reunite congregations experiencing or divided by conflicts and help prevent the divisions that can come in congregations experiencing growing pains.  These are extraordinary resources from our extraordinary God! Basically, over six years UIM  transforms Sunday Schools into caring family groups and grows congregations into a family of God able to 1) not only resolve conflict but grow stronger from it and, 2 ) not just survive but thrive!

You receive more than just SS lessons with UIM SS....

Along with an Outline of stories and passages for every week, you receive an Introduction to the Series,  a Leader’s Guide for each lesson that includes a Craft and Take Home,  a Family Group Helper Guide and Participant Guide for each lesson, AND MORE...

  • Publicity: Bulletin Announcements, Bulletin Insert, Poster, and Invitations, Newletter Article/Press Release, and Radio Promotion.
  • Instructions for teaching Preschoolers together with all generations or separately.
  • Instructions for teaching adults together with all generations or separately, using an Adult Bible Study with Participant’s Guide for each UIM SS Lesson.
  • A memory program that includes your entire congregation in UIM SS  to intentionally give them help and strength in their faith and lives from God Himself through His Word.
  • A Pastor’s page that helps pastors incorporate UIM SS into Worship.
  • Three worship services that each compliment one UIM SS Lesson. Each service equips congregations for growth in their faith and lives.

ALL NEW! UIM worship can ALSO BE LAY LED to:
•     give Pastors serving many congregations during our pastoral shortage time to rest.
•    provide worship for vacancy congregations with no Pastor available to keep them open for amazing worship ministry until God sends a Pastor, because He will!                           


By God’s grace and through the wisdom and power of His Word,UIM Resources supported and reinforced by the foundational church growth program  CCIC, can and already are helping to grow God’s Church!


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