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"Welcoming All God’s Children"

Many people today feel unwelcome, even in the most welcoming of congregations because they have become separated from God and other Christians. Even the strongest Christians are finding themselves unprepared for the difficult responses and even opposition they face when they try to welcome people in Jesus’ name. Those who attend will discover not only ways to welcome all people, but receive power from God to do so.

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"God Created and Loves All People"

 This Series helps to equip generations to welcome all people created by God and loved by Him. The beginning lessons are foundational. They share the childlike faith needed to welcome all people to Christ, talk about being our brother’ keeper, compare God’s thoughts and ways to ours, etc.  The middle lessons share how God helps us welcome all people, even those who sin against us. One lesson opens eyes to how we sometimes turn people away from God. Other lessons will guide us in choosing to welcome all people through faith that does not give up. The last or concluding lessons, are designed to help strengthen us in faith to endure even danger to welcome people, listen to God, and be filled with thankfulness and praise to draw more and more people to Christ for faith that saves in heaven and helps through the struggles of life on earth.

This Series is based on Ezekiel 18: 32 -  “For I have no pleasure in the death of anyone, declares the Lord God; so turn, and live,” and  1 Timothy 2:4 - “[God] who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” These verses  remind us first of all, that God created and loves all people and desires that they turn from sin, come to know Him, and be saved. Secondly, as we memorize and share them they become perfect passages to help us tell people about God’s  love for all people, “the knowledge of the truth,”  and God’s sincere desire for all people to be saved. Such sharing is, after all, the  purpose for which God placed us on this earth. These verses can and should also be a strict warning about the critical need to welcome all of God’s children so that they do come to know Christ. And, because we cannot welcome all people without God’s guidance and strength, these verses can remind us to partake of God’s Word and Sacraments to receive His help and strength to welcome all people in ways that lead them to Christ.


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